• 2020-01-15

A national, age-restricted tennis tournament was held on 11-15 January 2020 in the new tennis centre of the University of Debrecen, nicknamed the “Turtle”, which was constructed by a consortium of HUNÉP Zrt. and Globál Sport Kft., and was opened last year. In the U14 Hungarian championship, the best players of the age group were able to compete in professional circumstances. The key sponsors of the event were HUNÉP Zrt., Globál Sport Kft. and Pulastic.

Affiliated with the tournament, Globál Sport Kft. also organised a professional event in the Sports Business Management and Tennis Centre, with the participation of representatives from sports professional organizations, experts in the field of the construction industry and tennis lovers.

On behalf of HUNÉP Zrt., Tamás Hegymegi, director of production, talked about the construction of the tennis centre, where he presented, among other things, on the structure of the special, arched hall, the environmentally friendly floor, as well as the air technology solutions used.

As the next speaker, Raimond Ubing, European regional manager invited by Globál Sport Kft., introduced the tennis floor surfaces offered by PULASTIC. In his presentation, he explained that the state-of-the-art nature of the sports surfaces used in the tennis centre is shown by the fact that the ATP, WTA and the Australian Open international tennis tournaments also use the same system.

On the basis of feedback provided by the players and experts, the complex itself and the quality of the flooring did not simply surpass the professional expectations, but even provided added convenience and aesthetic experiences for the players.

Source: dehir.hu