Our history

Our legal predecessor was established in 1951 under the name Tanácsi Építőipari Vállalat, and has grown by the 1960s into one of the most significant construction companies building public and residential buildings in Hajdú-Bihar County. By the 1980s, the employee headcount of the company was nearly 1,200, which provided an outstanding construction industry knowledge base for the company in the region. The state-owned company was transformed into a business association in 1992, and has operated since that time as a 100% Hungarian-owned private limited company.

The flexibility of HUNÉP and its ability to renew itself are proven by the fact that since its transformation, the company has executed 200 major construction projects, with a combined net floor space of over 1 million square metres. The valuable references of HUNÉP show that it is able to meet even the biggest challenges, which is made possible by the high level of professional expertise and commitment of the company’s staff.

Life Sciences Building


Our Activities

HUNÉP is typically engaged in building construction activities, also including the construction of roads, public utilities, civil engineering and landscaping works. Our references include residential buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, office buildings, educational and healthcare institution, tourism-related properties, sports facilities, as well as the renovation protected monuments.

General contractor’s services

In case of a contract for the provision of general contractor’s services, the works are performed on the basis of drawings provided by the Customer. We assist our customers in selecting the technical solutions and building materials that comply with the required technical parameters, and are also favourable from the point of view of price, durability and/or operating costs. Our expertise guarantees the completion of the projects by the relevant deadlines, in excellent quality.

Main contractor’s services

In case of a contract for the provision of main contractor’s services, in addition to general contractor’s services, we also undertake the design and planning works, or even obtaining all official approvals of specialized authorities and other documents necessary for the permits. Our tasks include the determination of the technologies that can ensure the optimal technical content. The staff members and designers of the company have worked together for a long time, on numerous projects: our expertise, experience and capacities guarantee that even larger projects are completed according to schedule.

Performance of fit-out works

In addition to the above, our company also undertakes the finishing, fit-out works of larger office buildings or industrial facilities, in accordance with the needs of customers or tenants. Such projects typically involve the well-coordinated execution of interior finishing and similar works in a variety of trades, in a consistently high quality, such as raised floors, floor coverings, internal surface finishes, the installation of building engineering equipment, weak and power current fittings, internal doors, but may also include the completion of other, supplementary works around the building.

Quality and Commitment

Our 9 Construction Industry Excellence Awards, 8 Construction Industry Masterworks Awards, and numerous other prestigious professional recognitions evidence our commitment to quality, thanks to which HUNÉP Zrt. is considered among the best building contractor companies in Hungary. This high-quality work is at the core of our company’s operations, as also proven by the positive feedback provided by our partners, as well as the recognition received from within the profession. We have been working along the same values for over half a century. We believe in the power of the handshake: once we agree on something, we abide by our commitment under all circumstances.

In the interest of ensuring outstanding performance, HUNÉP operates an integrated management system functioning and certified on the basis of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management, the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management, the MSZ 28001:2008 occupational health and safety management, as well as the MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 energy management standards.

Botanical Garden, Science Centre



Miklós Bakos

Managing Director

Tibor Sebők

Business director

Károly Nagy

Financial Director

Tamás Hegymegi

Technical Director

Csaba Darabos

Project Director

Business Operations Department

Krisztina Bacskay

Tendering Office Manager

Tibor Tóth

Tendering Group Manager

Technical Directorate

Csaba Varga

Technical Office Manager

Kulcsár Eszter

Quantity Surveying Group Manager

Zsolt Baranyai

Logistics Manager

Sándor Zsiros

Warranty Manager

József Szilágyi

EHS Manager

Project Management

Zoltán Bencze

Chief Project Engineer

Károly Sütő

Chief Project Engineer

Tamás Vigh

Chief Project Engineer

Lajos Kulcsár

Building Engineering Manager

Viktor Deák

Project Engineer

Business Administration Department

Béla Csukás

Financial Manager

Brigitta Nagy

Accounting Manager

Márton Takács

IT Manager

Recognitions Excellence Awards


Dóczy Park residential building



New Building of the District Court of Debrecen



Debrecen Reformed Theological University



Nagyerdei Stadium in Debrecen



Palace of Sciences (Agora Science Centre)



“Csillagpont” (Star Point) Hospital in Miskolc



“Eszterházy Károly” College



Cardiovascular and Oncology Centre



Life Sciences Building


Masterwork Awards


Palace of Sciences (Agora Science Centre)



Life Sciences Building



Life Sciences Building



Aquaticum Mediterranean Water Park



“Kenézy Gyula” Hospital



“Tóth Árpád” Grammar School